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1988 Foundation of AMD, Internationale Handelsagentur for woodworking machines and derived timber materials
1988 Take-over of the general agency of the companies Bürkle/Freudenstadt, I.S.E./Freudenstadt and Haug/Dornstetten-Aach for the countries former DDR, Poland and Rumania.
1990 Take-over of the exclusive, worldwide production under licence of the company Bürkle/Freudenstadt for two-roller glue spreading machines series CDL and veneer presses model U 40, U 60, U 65 and U 80.
1991 Foundation of the company AMD Maschinenbau with an own production on approx. 400 m2.
1992 Start of reconditioning and special manufacture of second-hand machines.
1993 Supply of the first complete workshop equipment for the manufacture of furniture components.
1995 Development and manufacture of the first cleaning machine for sanding belts model ÖKO 2001.
1996 manufacture of the first disk roller tracks for glue spreading machines.
1997 Start of manufacturing heating and warming-up tables.
1997 Removal to new production facilities.
1998 Development and manufacture of the first press for PC-Board-Industry.
1999 Expansion of the Glue-Spreader-Programe.
2000 New Generation of the Cleaning Machines for sanding belts ECO 2001
2001 Supply of the first complete workshop equipment for the manufacture of flooring panels
2004 Removal to new production facilities
2006 New generation of Glue Spreading machines
2009 Development in special machine manufacturing
2013 Supply of the first machines for the packing industry